Joint Regeneration and Anti-Aging of Newnan Offers Fluoroscopy

Joint Regeneration and Anti-Aging of Newnan Offers Fluoroscopy

Renowned pain management clinic, Joint Regeneration, and Anti-Aging of Newman offers a medical imaging procedure called fluoroscopy. 

What is Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is a medical imaging technique used by medical professionals to visualize internal organs while they are in motion. It produces an x-ray movie by sending out a series of -rays into a specific area. 

This technology continuously passes beams to the body so doctors can evaluate a specific body part’s condition. Unlike an X-ray which creates a single image, fluoroscopy produces a real-time video-like X-ray that is viewed on a monitor.

The machine used for fluoroscopy utilizes a C-arm that emits X-ray beams and can be rotated around the patient’s body to observe the area at different angles. To produce images, it uses contrast materials, to highlight an area that doctors want to closely inspect.  

Fluoroscopy can diagnose potential problems in the patient’s internal organs like kidneys, lungs, heart, and stomach. It can scan your bones, joints, and muscles. It can also complement other diagnostic tools like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT scan).

Different Uses of Fluoroscopy 

Moreover, fluoroscopy can also be used by radiologists as an interventional procedure. This imaging technique allows doctors to position orthopedic implants with high precision. 

Below are other procedures in which physicians use fluoroscopy to better their diagnostics:

  • Barium X-rays to see the gastrointestinal tract and the flow of enema (if any)
  • Angiograms to view organs and blood vessels
  • Manipulation and insertion of the catheter so it can be placed smoothly
  • Placement of stents and other devices to open blocked blood vessels
  • Orthopedic surgery used in the treatment of fractures and replacement of joints
  • Locating foreign bodies that can be a threat to the person’s well being

Is Fluoroscopy Safe?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), fluoroscopy is relatively safe and presents fewer risks than other medical procedures like sedation or anesthesia.

Fluoroscopy is generally not painful. However, when accessing a vein or artery during an angiogram, it may cause some minor discomfort. It’s also important to note that fluoroscopy exposes the patient to certain levels of radiation. Thus, we recommend you consult your physician first to determine if your current condition does not pose any risk during the procedure. 

Joint Regeneration and Anti-Aging of Newnan takes advantage of all the benefits of fluoroscopy. Using this imaging technique, our medical staff can quickly look inside your joints while administering the minimally invasive injection. 

Thanks to fluoroscopy, we can accurately perform pain reduction injections that you may not find elsewhere. Additionally, we can also recommend other treatments that may also help to relieve any movement-related pain.

How Joint Regeneration and Anti-Aging of Newnan Can Help 

If you’re experiencing body pain, Joint Regeneration and Anti-Aging of Newman can help. We specialize in chronic pain management, along with other aesthetic, orthopedic, and hair restoration procedures.  

For more information about our services, call  (770) 683-4495.  Joint Regeneration and Anti-Aging of Newnan is located at 51 Hospital Rd Newman, GA 30263.